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About Us
Established in 2006, Touch Alimentary serves the information needs of the neuroscience and neurology community, creating a stimulating and informative arena that collate the expertise of market leaders and international organisations.

Touch Alimentary is an online continuation of its Touch Briefings counterpart, the Neurology Review series, bi-annual publications that provide market intelligence and targeted advertising platforms surrounding this specialist market.

The overall mission of Touch Alimentary is to make the physician’s task of information gathering simpler, more fruitful, and less time-consuming. We provide tools to enable physicians and healthcare professionals to develop innovative ways to explore the scientific arena and interact with each other to push the boundaries of research. In addition we provide up-to-date product and industry news, an extensive product directory and end-user product reviews, as well as the ability for visitors to review the products they use. Visitors can also use the site to search for application notes and highlight important scientific and medical conferences.

Touch Briefings is a subsidiary of Touch Group Plc, an international company providing two media of communication for cost effective advertising online or in print.

Touch Briefings

Touch Briefings offers a comprehensive range of industry and market-specific products delivered through print and online media, designed to act as a platform to bring buyers and sellers together. Touch Briefings serves the information needs of targeted market sectors, specialising in the international healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The Touch Briefings product range collates the views and expertise of eminent industry and market leaders, providing in-depth coverage and appraisal of each market. Each briefing is tailored to reach a specific sector and is researched, written and designed to provide strategic analysis on the latest management, technological and commercial thinking to stimulate ideas and business planning.

Touch Briefings has the benefit of a good client base, comprising government bodies, foreign direct and portfolio investors and multinational corporations. In all, the client base stands at around 1,065 companies, including 127 Fortune 500 companies.

The Touch Briefings interactive Supplier Zone directs users searching the Web to a dedicated area providing details of suppliers and relevant content. Advanced Web search optimisation techniques mean that Touch Briefings has a consistent high ranking within the main search engines.

The Touch Briefings marketing and communication services provide the leading international organisations within its markets with specific, highly effective tools to identify and penetrate their targeted audience, via display advertising, provision of data services and online promotional opportunities.

Industry Focus

Featured Product
The PillCam™ ESO video capsule is specifically designed to view the inner lining of the Esophagus.

Featured Product
When patients require nutrition through continuous feeding, intermittent feeding or feeding and flushing, KANGAROO ePUMP™ Enteral Feeding Pump delivers in one compact, easy-to-use device

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