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For more information about advertising on Touch Alimentary, download our mediapack.

Why use Touch Alimentary
Increase brand awareness for your company and generate revenue by:

  • Displaying your company/product information on our comprehensive Business Directory to complement your existing web presence
  • Using standard horizontal, skyscaper and button banners
  • Publishing the latest press and product releases within the relevant specialty area of the website
  • Sending e-mail blasts to our ‘opt-in’ user lists to generate interest in your products and services and drive traffic to your website
  • Including product features, company spotlights or sponsorship in our monthly newsletter
  • Sponsoring relevant specialty areas of the website, providing you with a showcase for your products, research findings and services
  • Creating webcasts and seminars for your target market
  • Targeting users according to their preferences, interests, geographical region and search results
  • Controlling content available to users in specific geographical regions. Access can be restricted by IP address to permit promotional models, which fall within the various regulatory bodies
Our solutions are customisable, flexible and tailored to suit your marketing requirements. We also have experience in Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, enabling us to efficiently deliver your message to your target audience.

Promotional Activities on Touch Alimentary
Featured Supplier/Events/Products:

As a featured supplier you will be able to display corporate information, full contact details, product information, technical articles, press releases, and events your company will be attending.

Banner Campaigns:
Banner campaigns can be used to help advertise your company’s products and services as well as generate brand awareness. There are three standard sizes: horizontal, skyscraper or button.

E-mail Promotion:

Users can be targeted according to their profession*, interests** or geographical origin. Each e-mail campaign will be accompanied by a report detailing the number of users who opened the e-mail, viewed its content and clicked through to your corporate website.

Newsletter Promotion:

The monthly Touch Alimentary newsletter is e-mailed in HTML format to all of our registered users as well as the member lists of a select group of Touch Alimentary media partners. All monthly newsletter participants will receive a detailed report of users that opened the newsletter, click-throughs and any requests for information. Bespoke category-specific newsletters can be created for sponsors at their request – prices on application.

Product Focus Feature and/or Focus Box Features:

Product focus box to appear in a specialty area of your choice. Focus Box Features can be placed in a number of different places throughout the site

Category Sponsorship:

The specialty sections can be sponsored exclusively to provide a company with an area to really reach out to specialists within the community. Sponsorship


In addition to advertising the Touch Alimentary website within our bi-annual US and European publications, we will be allocating one page within each report to the sponsors of the Touch Alimentary specialty sections. Your company logo will appear on this page with a short synopsis of what you have contributed to the Touch Alimentary website in terms of content.

Additonal Promotional Opportunities:

There are additional opportunities at your disposal to further promote your company: articles and keyword sponsorship.

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